This is a cut out of an Italian strong man. I sponged on the paint and I used a recycled canvas. The cap is made out of fabric and glued on, the stars are from a paint pen. Everything else was outlined using sticky tape the whole process was very satisfying to create I hope you will get as much enjoyment out of it as went into it.


Leon Brien Art
I’m an outgoing, kind-hearted guy with a passion for animals and a love for nature. I love getting my hands dirty in the workshop and have done a welding apprenticeship and an IT traineeship. When I’m doing art I find it very rewarding and it gives me a sense of peace when I have finished my work. I have schizophrenia and have suffered badly because of psychosis. I also have depression. I continue to live my life as best as I can and I recently got married and moved into a house with my wife. I enjoy going for walks and taking photos.