On The Run 

This is a 2016 Ferrari f12tdf it’s a screen shot captured on the game project car 3 that I turned into a watercolour painting. I used block out paint to get the reflection of the sun on the paint and love the effect that the watercolour has on the car and the background it really looks like it is moving! 🚗 💨 I also soaked the paper in water for 10mins so that it would absorb the watercolour better 🎨 it’s on an a3 and is big enough to capture this beast of a car. It is called “on the run” and was created by Leon Brien.

Leon Brien Art
I’m an outgoing, kind-hearted guy with a passion for animals and a love for nature. I love getting my hands dirty in the workshop and have done a welding apprenticeship and an IT traineeship. When I’m doing art I find it very rewarding and it gives me a sense of peace when I have finished my work. I have schizophrenia and have suffered badly because of psychosis. I also have depression. I continue to live my life as best as I can and I recently got married and moved into a house with my wife. I enjoy going for walks and taking photos.

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